Anthony Smallwood
"Today, fashionable swimming pools are sleek and rectangular or lagoonlike with boulders and waterfalls. Many have “green features,” such as mineral purification and solar covers.
  The kidney-shaped swimming pool trimmed with tile is the equivalent of orange shag carpet — once au courant, now tragically out of date.”

-Washington Post 6-28-2012

Not sure how I feel about that..  Having spent a wild night at a party with six beautiful women, overlooking Rio de Janeiro, in the turret of a castle with, you guessed it, orange shag carpet, I know that stuff has it’s place.

The bigger slight would be the slandering of our beloved institution, “the kidney-shaped swimming pool with tile” as currently being described as “tragically out of date”

For a small segment of a small segment of the population  —a group that has a much more appreciative relationship with pools that are empty, than any trendy, fashionable water-filled pool lovers— ,the “kidney-shaped swimming pool with tile”, in it’s empty state, is at once a true utopia and fleeting mirage. It’s everything we’ve ever dreamed, and could all be gone in a day.

Millions of people have spent countless hours swimming in the pools of the World, but how many ever dove under to feel surface or explore the contours and transitions, or gave a look at the coping to see how it might relate to an Indy truck..? 

We all know the story of the Dogtown/surf/Bert & Buttons/urethane wheel/drought/empty pool confluence that gave birth to modern transition skateboarding, but as things have moved on to mega-ramps and street leagues and giant concrete skatebowls courtesy of your local Parks and Rec, who would even bother with a backyard pool..?

Why would people wade into swamp-like water waist deep to attach hooks onto a sunken mattress for removal..? Why fill and empty a 55 Gallon trashcan over 30 times with black muck and leaf matter that had been submerged for 25 years..?

Because the lines of an empty, transitioned swimming pool, with skater or without, are some of the nicest known to man. And beautiful lines never go out of date.                                                                                                                            

Marc Ondrejko  (Taken with Instagram)

Marc Ondrejko (Taken with Instagram)

Rumor of an alcoholic beverage appearing on the market celebrating DC’s legendary skate spot..


Rumor of an alcoholic beverage appearing on the market celebrating DC’s legendary skate spot..